2018 Catalog

January 2018

Dear Friends of ICS,

Happy New Year! And, while 2018 is now here, we are pleased to be providing you with a new, updated catalog which we recommend you use as your product “ideas book.” No doubt, we well know that the list of products and services that your organization needs throughout the course of a year can be endless. Not only do you need to think of the items that may have to be replenished, replaced, or purchased for the first time… you will also want to consider cost and have the confi- dence that you are getting them at the most competitive price possible. Guess what? On behalf of ICS, I am pleased to say that we have you covered on all of those concerns. So… as you browse through this ‘ideas book’ keep in mind that ICS represents every item contained in the catalog. Our staff members – your local ICS representatives – are fully prepared (and expected) to advise on your orders and, as may be needed, can make recommendations based on purchases you have made through us in the past. Not only that, keep in mind that there may even be cases where our pricing might be even more favorable than what is published in this catalog. I also want to make you aware that, over the past year, we have focused on ways to make your purchasing through us easier and more efficient. To that end, you may have noticed the growing enhancements to our website, which includes a robust order form section as well as an increasing inventory of items now available in our online store . In many instances, purchases of multiple items are just a simple mouse click (or two) away! Another ICS effort geared towards simplifying purchasing (and increasing savings to you) can be found in a new recur- ring purchasing program. As we identified that churches need to maintain a regular inventory of altar bread, we initiated a program that allows you to place an order for it just one time. You are simply required to stipulate quantity needed, along with the frequency of delivery, and ICS will handle the rest. Timely deliveries will be made and you will never be confronted with the need to place a last minute emergency order. A skip order option is also available should you need to reduce delivery during lower mass attendance periods (perhaps the summertime, for example). Be sure to ask your ICS representative about this program – not only will this be one less item you have to think about ordering throughout the year, there are also significant savings associated with this plan. We are also currently looking at the possibility of expand- ing a recurring program for other items that would regularly be needed – for instance, altar wine, tamper proof collection bags, candles… to name a few. Please remember that each member of the ICS staff is prepared to be a true value-added reseller/sales consultant for you and I hope that you take advantage of our expertise. We recognize that it is our responsibility to make sure that you are making efficient purchases at the absolute most competitive prices and want to see that happen. Finally, thank you again for allowing us to be your purchasing agency and I want to reiterate to you our commitment to im- proving ways that you are served by us. We are all here for you and we welcome your feedback on how we can make your experience with us more pleasant or beneficial. Please do not hesitate to call on me, or any member of the ICS staff – we look forward to hearing from you.


Theresa Cullen-Seidel Executive Director

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